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Money Saving Tips

Below are a variety of tips, tricks and hints on how to save money while planning your wedding. They are in no special order and are added to on a regular basis.

  1. When shopping for a wedding dress, call all the area bridal shops and ask when they are having their sample sale.
  2. Consider renting a gown or borrowing one from a friend or family member.
  3. Use eBay as an excellent way to find that dress you've always wanted at a fraction of the price.
  4. For cheap alterations, go to any local fabric store and ask if they can recommend a seamstress who does alterations on wedding dresses.
  5. Put your bridesmaids in black, as a larger variety of styles are available, and your bridesmaids will be able to use the dresses over again. This will also make your white dress stand out more.
  6. Some boutiques offer a free headpiece or veil with the purchase of a wedding dress, so be sure to ask before you purchase your gown.
  7. Some shops will give the groom a free rental if they agree to have the rest of the wedding party rent there also.
  8. Some hair salons will give the bride a free style if she brings in the wedding party or parents.
  9. Some make-up artists will do the bride for free if she brings in the entire wedding party, or even the parents.
  10. Some nail salons will do the bride for free if she brings in the entire wedding party, or even the parents.
  11. Rent white tablecloths instead of colored, then add rose petals or ribbons to the napkins to add color. Almost any craft store can supply these items inexpensively, in hundreds of colors.
  12. For the flower girl basket, get a wicker basket from a local craft shop, spraypaint it white and add your own ribbons and bows.
  13. Local dry cleaners use seamstresses all the time. Ask if they could recommend a good one to save money on alterations.
  14. Silk flowers, edible or fresh flowers, or carefully constructed edible sugar or marzipan flowers also make a wedding cake more expensive. Just go with fresh flowers on top. Brides can ask for a basic white wedding cake with minimal decorations and then go to local flower shop or super market and buy roses or any other decorative flower they would prefer.
  15. If you have a lot of guests, but not a lot of money for cake, you can ask the baker to make a classic tiered wedding cake that fits your budget and then ask for a large, iced sheet cake as well. As soon as you cut the "real" wedding cake, waiters whisk slices of sheet cake out from the kitchen. It's the same cake, and guests have no idea they weren't served from the original wedding cake.
  16. If you have a small number of guests, but still want a tiered layer cake, the bottom layer of the cake may be decorated Styrofoam. Most bakeries will charge about $15.00 - $20.00 to decorate a Styrofoam cake-form that is topped with a layer of real cake.
  17. In regards to dress storage, no storage system is completely safe or will completely prevent age discoloration of fabric. A professionally boxed gown is sealed in an airtight picture-window box in acid-free tissue, preserved for future generations.
  18. If you decide not to box your dress, store it flat to prevent fabric stress from a hanger. Stuff the sleeves and bodice with acid-free tissue, and line the skirt with the same tissue. Wrap the dress carefully in unbleached cotton or linen and make sure your freshly cleaned dress is in a dark, dry place.
  19. Photographers who shoot weddings "on the side" are usually cheaper.
  20. Digital photography is another inexpensive option. Ask your photographer if they use a digital camera that captures three to four times more detail than conventional film photography and is cheaper as well. It's definitely a tremendous savings because it's not costing anything to shoot your wedding. Also, the bride gets her proofs on CD-ROM. She can choose the pictures that she would like from her computer at home and have family and friends there to choose their copies at the same time.
  21. Ask your photographer to use your proofs as part of your wedding album to save money on developing.
  22. Try to negotiate getting a free parents album with your photography package.
  23. Consider hiring a professional photographer for the formal shots of your ceremony only. You can then place disposable cameras on the tables of the reception and let your guest take candid shots.
  24. For your engagement picture, look in the newspapers and have a friend or family member take a picture with a similar pose.
  25. Always ask this question no matter with which professional you are talking: "Does this price include everything?" or "Are there any additional charges I might incur that you haven't told me about?"




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