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Selecting a Theme

Know Thyself

Choose a theme that reflects you and your personality. You might want to consider your hobbies or interests when considering what the wedding theme could be.

When picking a theme remember to make sure that it is practical and can be pulled off within your set budget. You will not be able to have a caviar wedding on a tuna fish budget!

Theme Tips

Be sure to check with your reception location after you have decided on your theme to make sure they are OK with your ideas. Some locations may require an extra set up/clean up fee for certain "extras" that your theme might require.

Bride's Baseball CardGroom's Baseball CardSports: Have a football or baseball tier cake. Dress appropriately. Play crowd sounds and stadium music when appropriate. Have small bats or balls as place cards. Give a small printed bat, ball or other sports memorabilia, such as souvenier baseball cards of the bride and groom as thank you gifts. (Mouse over these cards to see their statistics.)

Beach: Have a sand castle cake. Spread faux sand on the tables and dance floor. Dress appropriately. Play beach or surf music. Have small beach shovels as place cards. Give small printed glass bottles with sand and shells in them as thank you gifts.

Las Vegas: Have a casino cake with poker chips. Place playing cards and poker chips on the tables. Dress appropriately. Play Vegas games to send people to the buffet line. Have place cards telling guest they are staying at certain hotels/casinos and name each table as such. Give printed playing cards with your names on them as thank you gifts.

Formal/Normal: Have a traditional tier wedding cake. Dress appropriately. Do not invite children to a formal wedding. Place match books on the tables as thank you gifts.

Decorating Tips

Decorating for a wedding and reception offers a variety of options. Balloons, bows, tulle, candles, mini-lights and flowers can be used to create any style or theme a couple may desire. Whether the couple wants to do-it-themselves or hire a professional, there are many decisions to be made and careful planning will help to alleviate any last minute rushing and worry.

Reception décor begins at the front door. Decorations to denote "the party is here!" The guest book table (or podium) can be easily dressed up with coordinating ribbon, bows, tulle and tastefully sized balloons. The gift table will need to have room for the gifts so decorations can be applied by adding a drape of greens and flowers, or tulle and lights around the outside edge or a balloon arch behind the table. Likewise, the cake table can be decorated, but not over-done, as the wedding cake itself is the focal point of this area.

Favor Tips

Favors are small tokens of appreciation that say "thank you" for attending. Favors are given to guests at many types of celebrations. At weddings, favors are usually associated with showers and the reception. These gifts can often be found in baskets by the entrance/exit or at sit-down events placed on the table at each place setting. Choices and ideas for favors are limitless. The most common favors for weddings include nuts/mints wrapped in tulle, boxed individual pieces of chocolate, votive candles, CDs and flowers. Sometimes favors will incorporate wedding colors, the bride and groom's name or other information that makes them a personalized memento. Favors and supplies can be found at a variety of businesses, from those who specialize in creating unique favors to shops that carry or can order personalized trinkets.




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