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Look Good, Feel Good!

Planning ahead for the big day brings excitement and joy, but for most couples it also brings some anxiety. Couples want to look and feel their best and, just as you need to plan for all the details of your wedding, this too takes forethought and preparation.

The saying, "you have to feel good to look good" certainly holds true. A bride who is on a crash diet may look faint at the altar. An over abundance of stress may cause a bride or groom to look ill. So how can you look and feel your best on your wedding day? The answer is to turn to the professionals, do your part, and then relax.


Beauty experts agree on this fundamental piece of bridal advice: the bride should not try to look like someone else on her wedding day. The bride should choose a look that will be an extension of herself. Don't do something different with your hair style or make-up that will make you tense or unsure of yourself.

Changes and experiments in new looks can be made successfully, if the "new look" is tried out in advance. Beauty consultants and salon professionals should be contacted 4 to 6 months before the wedding day for a personal consultation. This consultation may cover the bride's cosmetic routine, hair history, headpiece selection and wedding day schedule of events. This initial meeting also serves as the beginning of a working relationship between bride and stylist that will continue up to the wedding. The consultant will want to discuss the bride's expectations concerning her nails, hair and make-up, and what can be done to meet or exceed those expectations.

The stylist will help the bride decide on hair length, type and placement of headpiece, placement of flowers, highlighting and all other hair concerns. Experts remind brides that their hair will have to endure the long wedding day with all its photographs, hugs and dances. To help brides decide, many salons have styling books for brides to browse through, and customers are encouraged to bring in photographs depicting styles they like.

If a permanent wave is chosen, an initial "try-out" perm should be given about 4 months before the wedding. The final perm should be done 3 to 6 weeks before, with a final shaping/trim sometimes done 2 weeks before. If styling without the perm is desired, the first styling is often done 2 to 6 weeks before the wedding, depending on the style, amount of hair cut, highlighting, etc. The final styling is done on the morning of the ceremony.

Facials & Make-Up

Beauty consultants remind brides of the importance of make-up on the wedding day: the bride is the center of attention, the day is long, and countless photographs are taken. Make-up helps the bride maintain her radiant good looks throughout it all. Brides may bring in favorite make-up colors, fabric swatches, headpieces and any other items which can help establish color choices. The consultant is trained to look at skin tone to advise on the best color and shades to enhance the bride's natural tones. As with hair styling, a practice makeup application is suggested 1 to 4 weeks before the wedding to check for allergies and compatibility. One area salon owner suggests doing a practice styling with headpiece and make-up application for the newspaper announcement photograph as a practical trial run.


Nail care is one area brides sometime overlook. Don't forget about all the handshakes, people looking at the ring and the popular photographs featuring hands.

Whether performed in a beauty shop or nail specialty salon, nail care is important to overall appearance. Brides can choose from a multitude of colors and are encouraged to bring in a fabric swatch for matching ahead of time.


In addition to manicures, many brides treat themselves to pedicures. A pedicure can improve a bride's self-image, help her to relax during the busy preparation period (they take about an hour) and assure lovely feet on the honeymoon! By establishing a relationship with a beauty salon well in advance of her wedding day, the bride can receive the best worry-free care possible. These visits culminate in the Saturday morning visit (for a Saturday afternoon wedding) to the salon for final manicure, styling and make-up application Some brides make a fun bonding time by booking appointments for their mothers as well as their attendants to all go together. Some salons offer special packages for brides and/or bridal parties.

Groom and Male Attendants

Not surprisingly, today many men are taking advantage of salon services. Most male clientele will get their final haircut 1 to 2 weeks before the wedding day; they will return for a final shampoo and hair trim (beard and moustache included) 1 day before or the day of the wedding.


If time permits, a massage performed by a professional is a great way to relax and relieve all the tensions that have built up this day. The bride, groom and wedding party could probably use this therapy right about now.




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