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Helpful tips on Renting a Tuxedo

Men's TuxedoTime Frame

3 – 4 months prior to the wedding

See you tuxedo shop to view the many styles form all the top designers

Check the phone book for tuxedo-rental shops in your area. When renting for wedding attendants, look for stores with multiple locations or stores that will fit a tux based on measurements'this helps ensure a consistent look. Ask if child sizes are available if there will be children in the wedding party. Most tuxes start at a 3 then move onto a 70 (XXX). Whenever possible, everyone in the wedding party should be fitted along with the Bride’s father.

Consider cuts that complement your build and accommodate the formality of the occasion. Double-breasted tux jackets and those with wider lapels look great on a broad-chested, heavier-set man. A cropped jacket will elongate the height of a shorter man

Schedule a final fitting one week before the event. The rental price includes alterations'you may need a lift in the sleeve or a tuck in the waist to be dancing through the wee hours comfortably and in style.

When choosing a tux, keep in mind the time of day and the season in which the wedding will take place.

Bring along swatches of the bridesmaids' gowns if you plan to coordinate the groomsmen's tuxes.

Out of Town Groomsmen

Cathedral Train Dress For out of town guest, just have them go into any tuxedo shop around where they live and ask to be measured. You will find they will be glad to help as a courtesy especially if it is the same chain store you have gone to. A measurement card will be filled out and can be mailed directly to you. Bring this card to your Men's Formal store so the tux will be ready the day of the wedding. This will assure that the tuxedo put together will fit properly and if any last minute alteration are needed the will be minor and can be done on the spot.

All the Extras

Don't forget about the extras. A tuxedo is a coat and slacks. You will also need Bow ties, Cumerbuns, Socks and Shoes to complete your ensamble. Most shops will have all of these items but you should not automatically assume this.




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